Kira Smith




As a child, drawing became a way for me to escape reality. Whenever life slapped me in the face, I found myself diving into this creative, imaginary universe to help me cope with whatever life handed me. Fast forward to today, I create a variety of characters from food and mythical creatures to humans with distinct personalities. The characters depict people who I come into contact with everyday as well as family and friends.
Drawing helps me build imaginary worlds where my characters come to life.
In this series, my drawings interact with each other by being placed side by side like a diptych. The drawings act as if they are a combined picture that is split in half yet each piece can stand as a picture on its own. For example, in one piece the young boy plays his guitar while the second piece features his girlfriend who watches him play. The music notes float from one picture to the next picture, connecting the two images together. This small detail links the two pieces and allows the characters to interact with each other.
This creative world I build reflects the one I currently live in. In a sense, my fantasy is my reality.