Shanti Sponder

All in the Name: a growing series

My work centers on the innocence of my childhood memories and my zeal for mushrooms, children’s books, rabbits, and abstract forms. Patterns and shapes found in nature fascinate me. I am continuously drawn to mushrooms, every component of this species from its shape, color and texture inspires to me to link my past and present.

Growing up, mushrooms continued to be a repeated theme within nightly bedtime stories, Children of the Forest by Elsa Beskow, left a lasting impression. The images in the book depicted the story of a family, dressed in clothing meant to resemble a mushroom, and gave way to the beginnings of a life long fascination. With each mushroom I collect, create and see I am reminded of memories when I was still a wide eyed child, mesmerized by the iconic image of a Fly Agaric with it’s white stem, red cap and white spots.

I incorporate elements of repetition and line as a catalyst for my creative process. As these components fuse together I begin to see shapes form, allowing me to visualize color and content. Once I envision the piece, I choose acrylic, for more defined pieces and watercolor, for softer tones and flow.

Recently in my growth as an artist I began to explore the world of book arts, and am becoming captivated by the process. As I combine watercolor, acrylic paints and book making, I blend my inspiration and craft together as I explore methods that allow me to challenge myself artistically.


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